COVID-19 measures.

General | 16/03/20

We are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 epidemic and the recommendations updated regularly by our government.

We have proactively implemented measures and developed plans to ensure the continuity of our activities and to meet the needs of our customers while prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees and suppliers.

We have implemented several measures to achieve these important health and business objectives:

  • We have increased the repetitive cleaning of contact surfaces on our premises and encouraged the simple and effective measures that the public health authorities have identified to reduce the risks of transmission: washing your hands often, coughing or sneezing in a handkerchief or in your arm, and cleaning objects used by multiple people.
  • We have placed restrictions on certain business trips and are monitoring all of our employees’ travel.
  • We have adopted measures for all employees who may feel sick or at risk.
  • We have implemented our business continuity plan.

Thus, with these measures in place, we are proactively continuing our normal activities in our sales sites, offices and factories.

We will continue to keep you informed of any developments that may impact our customers, employees and suppliers.

The Guildcrest Team

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